At Virgile Language Training,
we understand that everyone has different needs depending on their language skills and their professional and social environments, which is why we provide you with a free assessment before the start of your training.

In this assessment, we will determine your level, and analyse your linguistic needs to create a tailor made program adapted to you and your requirements.
Business French tuition Fees:
One to one tuition:    
 £39 /Hr
or 10 sessions of 1h for £350

Group tuition: up to 5 trainees
£44 /Hr (for the group)
or 10 sessions of 1h for £400
6 pupils or more:         
£55 /Hr (for the group)
or 10 sessions of 1h for £500

For our corporate clients, we can provide tutoring on a one-to-one basis or in a group (no more than 10 trainees per class) for Elementary, intermediate and advanced levels in marketing, Administration and Banking sectors.
We also have Relocation courses suitable for people who have an overseas assignment or who are planning to move to another country for domestic or corporate reasons.

The tuition groups are for trainees with the same level of French. Our professionals trainers are following the CEFR program, the Common European Framework of reference for languages which is used in most of the languages centers around Europe.
If you are unsure about your language level, please refer to our level chart.

Under the European program (CEFR), the trainees will learn how to improve their French written skills (letters and emails), the technical vocabulary related to their work; negotiations, taking part in meetings and how to obtain information.
They will also learn, via role plays, how to conduct professional telephone conversation with a French speaker.

These exercises aim to provide the individual with the relevant language skills, instilling in them a confidence and the ability to carry out tasks required of them in their work environments.
There is also a focus on improving their pronunciation and accent.

The classes can be held at the employee's home or place of work, either during lunch hours or before, during or after work, whichever is more convenient for the employer and employee.

Please call to inquire on
020 8840 2990