French class @the forester We have different language levels to suit your needs:

Our beginner program:
Our Conversational French Courses are for people who would like to enjoy the pleasure of simple conversations with French speakers, where they learn vocabulary and how to structure simple sentences to introduce themselves, order food in a restaurant, ask for a doctor or talk about their friends or family.

Our programs are structured by themes (food and drink, family, friends, travel etc..) and the trainees will choose along with the tutor the themes they wish to work mainly on according to their objectives.
We also do beginner + and  intermediate level
where we focus more on the accent and the French grammar.
e will also work on improving your comprehension skills by talking about a specific chosen subject.
All our lessons include listening, writing, reading and speaking exercises.
Grammar is also an important part of the program.

Call us on 020 8840 2990

  "I really enjoy Virginie's classes and feel I've learnt more French in the short time I've been studying with her than I ever have before. My confidence and ability have improved enormously in the time I've studied with her and I'd recommend her classes to everyone."

  Laurence- West Ealing

  "I have been attending Virginie's beginners'     class since September. I studied French for 6     years at school, back in the day, and it's amazing   how much has come back to me. However, the   conversation aspect was so lacking then - it      was all grammar and conjugation - and this      class so much more useful for conversation."
   Sally woodgate- Ealing

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1 to 1 tuition
1 to 1 tuition take place at client's home
£25 /hr or 
10 sessions for £200

£45 /2Hrs or 
10 sessions 
for £400

Group adults classes:

£14/ 1.30 Hr

10 sessions for £140
Group tuition take place at:
-At the Forester - Function room 
(2 Leighton Rd, Northfields W13 9EP):
Beginner class (1st term):
Tuesdays from 9.30 to 11am
Beginner + class (3rd term):
Thursdays: 9.30-11am
Intermediate class (3rd term):
Fridays: 9.30 -11am

-The W5 playcafe (gymboree) 
(44-46 south Ealing road, Ealing  W5 4QA):
Beginner class (3rd term) Mondays from 8 to 9.30 pm