Virgile Language Training is a West London based language services
specializing in French tuition for individuals and professionals
of all ages and levels.

Our team of tutors comprises solely of native French speakers, all of whom have been working in teaching for many years.

We provide a comprehensive range of language training solutions for adults, students and businesses, ranging from one-to-one French tuition to group classes and online tuition.
We also run French classes for children in collaboration with La Jolie Ronde French club (group only).
Whether you wish to improve your writing skills, or you are planning a trip to a French-speaking country - possibly even moving abroad, or just want to do some extra revision for your upcoming exams, our tailor-made language programs can meet your needs.

All our staff are here to listen to your requirements, ensuring that you are satisfied at the end of your training.
We determine the level of each individual with a free language assessment before
the start of the course.

In addition to this, following a discussion of your personal requirements, we will also
provide an
analysis of your training needs.
The progress of all our clients is closely monitored, with regular evaluation reports
made in relation to this.

Prim Bath

"Small, very friendly classes for children and lots of fun - my daughter loved them. She is now learning French at school and has a real enthusiasm for the language - thank you Virgile for the postive start".

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